Install and Dismantle

Trade show exhibits are an investment that you want to be able to reuse at all your events, so when it comes to installation and when it’s time to dismantle your exhibit you want it done with care. Our team has a plan before they even arrive to get things done efficiently.

As soon as your trade show exhibit reaches the convention, our service coordinator and trusted team have the knowledge and experience to make sure your exhibit installation is installed properly.

Then, when it’s time for our team to tackle the installation dismantle, they have the experience to dismantle your display quickly and pack it carefully to either transport to your next event or to head to storage.

Our company has a motto – done right, on time, and on budget – and we live up to that motto at every opportunity.

Having us take care of the booth labor part of your event management saves you time, money, and more importantly gives you the peace of mind that everything is done right.  We don’t leave until our clients are satisfied.

3-Installation Photo

What if the convention center has its own team for the Installation and Dismantle?

Many exhibition halls have their own trade show labor who they require you to hire to handle setting up and taking down your exhibit.

We frequently send our own personnel to shows even when there is a show labor requirement. If we are not allowed to help with the install, our employee will, because of familiarity, supervise the crew. We ensure things are done properly and in the correct order if the venue allows a supervisor or staff to assist their crew.

Our blog post “Everything You Need to Know About Trade Show Labor” can give you more information on trade show labor and where to look to find out if it’s required for your trade show. You can also contact us with questions!

How else can Pacwest help you?

Check out our services to see how we can help with marketing your business with a custom made trade show exhibit for your next big convention. From design, custom graphics, and marketing materials- to planning the transport and storage of your trade show exhibit.. Pacwest Exhibits can support you in all parts of the exhibitor process while you focus on making connections and sales!


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