We all know that participating in trade shows is expensive.

Whether the shows your company exhibits at are small or large, the ultimate goal is for your business to benefit from the company’s involvement. This is why we use Pre-Show Promotion.

A positive ROI or return on investment is critical.

Return on Investment

We often speak with our clients on ways to increase the number of qualified clients visiting their exhibit space.

We’ve found that the best way to ensure you’re meeting the people you need to meet with is planned pre-show promotion.

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How Do I Accomplish Pre-Show Promotion?

 Step 1: Identify the prospective clients you wish to focus on – This can be done by going through the list of registered show attendees which you can get from show management.

Step 2: Determine who, and how many people you want to target – Once you have gone through your list, you can pick who you want to target. With a plan in place, you can start to focus on your marketing objectives.

Step 3: Tell your potential customer how you can help them. – Will your product or service save them time or money? Let them know by sending them an invitation to stop by your booth during the show.

Step 4: The Offer – Now you have identified your potential clients and hopefully made them interested in your product. There is one more step to hopefully make them meet with you.  It can be as simple as a free drink ticket or a reduction in price on the first order. If your offer is only going to a select few, it could be bigger such as a nice gift card or tickets to a special event.

Shows big and small have both potential clients and never will be clients.

Pre-show promotion helps you separate the two.