Not all events are indoors, so what do you do when an outdoor event is coming up and you want to be an exhibitor? PacWest Exhibits has you covered. As an official reseller of X-GLOO Tents, we can help you make an impact at any outdoor event with an impressive and modular display that fits your needs.


X-GLOO Design

X-Pert_Citroen-1PacWest Exhibits can help you design your X-GLOO tent to perfectly present your brand and marketing message. The optional full-surface dye-sublimation printing of the tent roof and elements brings brilliance to your CI colors, logos, and designs. Our design and graphic artists always strive to give you max marketing power to make a good first impression on potential clients and business connections.



The X-GLOO inflatable tent is weather-resistant and able to be set up on all types of terrain- from asphalt to sand. These tents are designed with every consideration made towards being convenient and versatile.

  • Maximum stability due to the materials used and the aerodynamic design
  • Compact and comes in its own backpack for easy transport
  • Low-weight for easy transport
  • High UV-resistance
  • Classified as flame retardant according to the international standard
  • Waterproof and watertight due to its impermeable material and sealed seams
  • Wind-tunnel tested and proven to be able to withstand winds of up to 60km/h when properly secured

Modular Options

X-Gloo tents are modular with a Block-Building System that has exchangeable roofs; individually-detachable tubes; and a variety of optional Walls, Banners, Canopies, and Tunnel Parts in a range of sizes. The ability to build the X-GLOO tents to match the event makes it the ideal redesignable and expandable presentation platform for any event or location.

The different sizes and optional modular elements for X-GLOO tents


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