Hello and welcome to the new PacWest Exhibits blog. It has been a year since we became an independent company. While there have certainly been struggles with the branding changeover, the real winners have been our loyal clients who now have an expanded choice of goods and services from which to choose. Thank you so very much to all of our new clients and to the old timers for hanging in there with us through the transition.

The purpose of this blog is to each week feature a subject that will help you in your pursuit of trade show success. Some of the topics I’ll be writing about are lead generation, exhibit staffing, budget busters, effective exhibit design, pre show marketing, post show follow up, and show objectives. We will surely go beyond these topics but they do provide a good starting point.

Today I am going to write about show objectives. First and foremost it is important to know why you are exhibiting at a particular show and what it is you want to accomplish. Are you there to generate leads for your sales staff? Are you there to introduce a new product or service? Are you attending to reinforce your brand? Or perhaps you’re attending for another reason.

Your show objectives should be measurable. For example, if your objective is generating leads, the goal may be to get a set number of qualified leads. If the objective is to introduce a new product or service, the goal may be to have a set number of demonstrations each day.

The important thing to remember here is that having measurable goals that all your people understand makes it much easier to evaluate the success or lack of success your company achieved at a particular show. From this information, you can determine whether or not a particular show is a good fit for your company or organization.